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Success starts at home with quality,

affordable housing!

Strong communities build strong economies, strong economies build a more prosperous nation. Our economy functions at its best when public, private, community, and institutional organizations work together to create sustainable opportunities for all of our members.  

HA&W Business Enterprises, LLC (HA&W) is named after our beloved parents and grandparents Henry and Anna Adams Williams, who owned and operated a family farm in Marion County, (Ocala) FL, and taught the upper and lower school grades during the early 1900s yet strove to make a difference for their family of nine and the entire community. 

Based in Atlanta, Georgia,  HA&W is a private sector company dedicated to the principle that a community is only as strong as the families who live and work there and are committed to its success. HA&W provides quality, affordable housing and promotes access to consumer literacy programs throughout the southeastern United States. HA&W was established to increase the number of families, adults, and children who are able to live in healthy, vibrant communities and realize their potential as contributing members of society. 

In partnership with other for-profit and non-profit organizations, HA&W is revitalizing blighted, in-fill housing units and developing emerging communities for millennials, middle class, seniors, veterans,  and other under-served individuals to have desirable, in-town housing with the accompanying, family friendly commercial development.  

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